Koala P. Crossingsafe III

This public sculpture is one of 50 1 metre high koalas which have been decorated by various artists and forms part of the koala trail in and around Port Macquarie.

For more information about the trail you can follow the link to the Hello Koalas website click here

This koala's name is Koala P. Crossingsafe III. Such a significant name emphasises his importance within our community and the continuing presence of the urban koala population. There is also a personal reference to my street, Cross Street, and the koalas who visit us, as the ideas in the design came from my observation of the life of an urban koala.

The 'P' in Koala P. Crossingsafe III's name is for Port Macquarie, although he answers to Percy. Percy's desire is that his decoration forms a positive intention for the safe street crossing of all urban koalas.

Here's a description of the design: Percy has leaf and flower tattoos on his arms and legs and a tree trunk/street crossing up his back, which ends in a protective gum leaf trident on his forehead. The sun also forms an overarching protective presence for Percy. He has a street crossing down his front with koala footprints on both crossings to symbolise Percy's safe passage within his home range.

Percy lives by the sea, so on his lower back is the ocean, interspersed with front lawns, a typical pathway between home range trees. Also on his back is an urban street complete with sleeping koalas pooping on tin roofs, something I frequently, and happily, experience in my home. Koala P Crossingsafe has a new home at Sea Acres



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